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2PM “미친거 아니야?(GO CRAZY!)” M/V Party Ver.

The views of this version grows really slowly….where are you hottest??? don’t u wanna watch the dance practice video? it just took 1 day for the first version to reach 1 million, we can achieve that for this one too! If it’s true that only the views of this version count for the music shows rankings, I doubt if JYP has made a good decision to diversify the views with the previous MV (although both MV are really good!)



[VOTE] HOTTEST! It’s time to show your firepower in the race for the Global Fan Vote score for next week’s MCD (M!Countdown)! 

Login to your MWAVE accounts and vote for 2PM’s “GO CRAZY”!  We are currently in 3rd place behind Super Junior and T-ara!  We only have 3 days to take over~~ LET’S GO!!!!

Let’s take 2PM straight to the top!  Reblog and spread the word~~!

M Countdown Vite: Let's vote for 2PM!!!


The long awaited comeback is finally here! Hottest, let’s do our best to support 2PM and push their new album to the top of all charts!!

2pm dropped to #3! Every vote is important! Please help vote for 2pm to give our greatest support to #미친거아니야 !

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