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It was a sense of pride and privilege to form part of Real Madrid. […] I want to say thanks to the fans. From the first day they’ve helped me feel at home and they gave me the respect and warmth that a player needs. I’m leaving this team, but I will never stop being part of the Madrid family.

Xabi Alonso - 29/08/14 [Last press conference as a Real Madrid player] (via 1902-soydeunescudo)

You broke my heart when u left Liverpool, and now you’ve broken it twice.

Cristiano Ronaldo named UEFA Best Player in Europe 2014  | 28-08-14

"I’m really happy, I worked very hard but I want to thank my teammates too because they helped me win this trophy too. 2013/2014 was an extraordinary season, both on a personal and team level. We managed to play great Champions League and I managed to be top scorer and set a new top scorer record. I think the trophy was well deserved, of course we still have to train a lot to play like this. This is the first time I’ve won this trophy so I’m really happy."

(Source: concretar)


New interview with Portuguese journalist Judite Sousa.
- my translation -

Q: Rivalry with Messi?
“Rivalry in the true sense of the word, I think, is always made up by the media. Because I don’t have any rivalry with him, we compete about prizes. We always had a very normal, a professional relationship.”

Q: Messi ‘pampered’ by the media?
(laughs) “Sometimes Messi has a better image than mine, or they like his image better than mine. I think that these are normal situations, we cannot please everyone. I respect the opinions of the others and I know how to live with that, and I don’t make my life dependent on what others think.”

Q: Convinced to be better than Messi?
“There is no better or worse. Each one does his work, each one tries to give his best. We both want to be the best.
I, in my mind, I am the best. If we human beings don’t think like this, if you in your job don’t think like this, or the cameraman doesn’t think like this, we don’t have ambition. I have to think that in my profession I am the best. Maybe I’m not, but in my mind I’m the best.”


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